Shaolin Digital has been web designing since 1999.  Founded by Richard Del Connor, Shaolin Digital has been the division of Shaolin Communications responsible for graphics, photo editing, web design, with The Hippy Coyote being responsible for most of the photography and graphics while Rich Connor works as webmaster for all 77 of the Shaolin Communications websites.

Rich Connor “The Singing Webmaster” is building 12 WooCommerce ecommerce websites for Shaolin Communications.  These will offer videos, books, photography, music products, merchandise, clothing, Kung Fu uniforms and weapons.

The Singing Webmaster is also building his first Learning Management System ONLINE SCHOOL with testing, grading, certificates and counseling.  This Shaolin Chi Mantis ONLINE SCHOOL will be officially launched in 2020.  During 2019, students can enroll in the pilot videos (low budget) first offered to test the class systems, grading, testing, and belt rank advancements.

Check out the Shaolin Chi Mantis ONLINE SCHOOL at www.ShaolinInteractive.com