Rich Connor Singing Webmaster

The SCM Course Page is Ready for FREE Kung Fu Website: ShaolinKungFuBeginner.comWebpage: CoursesPurpose: Provide public with FREE Kung Fu = Sample of Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu This page offers a view of the entire first semester at: This first semester is currently ONLY five classes or the first five videos of the actual ONLINE KWOON (school) at Another purpose of the FREE …

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Rich Connor on the Move

Shaolin Digital Jumps to Lancaster, California Founder, Rich Connor, in flight. Lancaster, California.  Shaolin Digital.  Shaolin Digital is setting up a new office in Lancaster, California.  Parent company Shaolin Communications has moved all enterprises here into a spacious 2-bedroom office-studio of Rich Connor. Shaolin Digital is updating and upgrading since its last location.  Rich is …

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