Kung Fu Outlaws

Created by Richard Del Connor from 107 ancient Chinese papercut artworks given to Richard when he graduated the Wong Jack Man Jing Mo school in San Francisco, 1998.

Each of these 107 Chinese artworks has been edited in Photoshop by Richard Del Connor to create 2,568 unique NFTs for collecting. There are 24 variations of each artwork. Some are two-tone to appreciate their origins of being delicate paper-cut art. Others are psychedelic or very artistic.

The “Properties/Traits” of each NFT are grouped into several categories for easier searching. I wanted to specify “Double Sabers” versus the word “Saber” for all outlaws with curved swords. Some outlaws have two or three weapons. I am new to NFT minting so I chose one of their weapons, but I am experimenting with multiple listings in the WEAPONS property category. I will update you more on this after some testing of the first mintings.

THIS WEBPAGE will be updated later with more information about the NFTs. I may even create a scaled-down version of my “Inventory Spreadsheet” of all these NFTs. This spreadsheet took an entire month to create. Sheesh.

I was planning on releasing my KUNG FU COWBOY album “Scorpion Resurrection” on my birthday, February 4, 2022. This will be postponed until July 4, 2022 because of these “Kung Fu Outlaw” NFTs.

These are COLLECTIBLES. Buy them, flip them, raise their value. I’m hoping to profit from these four months I’ve invested full-time into making these NFTs. They are handmade. They are about to be INDIVIDUALLY MINTED. Sheesh again. How long will this take? Today is January 28, 2022. I’ll update this webpage with my completion date. All 2,568 NFTs are going into this OpenSea Gallery, “Kung Fu Outlaws.”


ROADMAP March 2022

I just got off the phone with a co-Producer of the Kung Fu Cowboy movie, Scott Karahadian. He was glad to be informed of my new ROADMAP of SHAOLIN DIGITAL.

SHAOLIN PICTURES is one of my 10 Shaolin enterprises. I will layout the entirety of this roadmap in relation to all my companies because I’ve decided that these “Kung Fu Outlaws” NFTs will be the “seed capital” needed to launch all of these companies into the next decade.

Each of my 10 Shaolin companies will receive ONE entire set of these 107 Kung Fu Outlaws. There are 24 variations of each of these 107 Chinese papercuts creating a total of 2,568 NFTs. Some companies will receive more than one set. I plan for a couple of these companies to NEVER SELL their NFT set and use it as collateral for bank loans (or crypto loans) in the future.

I’ve got to go take my french fries out of the oven so for now:

SHAOLIN PICTURES has their own MetaMask wallet and crypto domain (as do all the companies). I am going to TRANSFER (at no charge) a complete set of 107 “Kung Fu Outlaws” NFTs to Shaolin Pictures. I decided today that the NEW FLOOR PRICE of these NFTs will be 0.5 ETH which is around $1,000. By selling these 107 NFTs Shaolin Pictures will have $100,000 to make it’s first movie.

So back to my phone call with co-producer Scott: I told Scott that I don’t know when these NFTs will sell but when they do we need to make a movie. We’ve got several movie screenplays to work with. He concurred that we could make a movie for $100,000 and use the fame and success of that low-budget film to move us up the movie making ladder.

So that is the basis of my NEW Shaolin Digital ROADMAP. I need to set a FLOOR PRICE of $1,000 per “Kung Fu Outlaws” handmade one-of-a-kind COLLECTIBLE NFTs so that all my work can finally FINANCE MY DREAMS.

I’ll elaborate more soon. I’ve been posting these NFTs for sale at $90 for a couple months and only SOLD ONE. I’m a bit disappointed, but realized that this lower price would not move me out of poverty or enable my companies to prosper, succeed and grow… or HIRE PEOPLE TO WORK for my companies. So the new “Roadmap” is to DREAM BIGGER so I can ACHIEVE MY DREAMS. If Gary Vee can sell an NFT ticket to a conference for $5,000… I can sell a collectible artwork for $1,000. Not an outrageous speculation. Still reasonable. And empowering. And makes my investment of 7 MONTHS labor worthwhile in creating and minting this “Kung Fu Outlaws” NFT collection.

Oh yeah… My french fries.

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