Rock Opera NFTs of a Spiritual Life

In August 2021 I created, minted and placed for sale my FIRST NFT: “Cinco de Mayo NFT-1”

3 NFT GALLERIES of Shaolin Digital:

  • KungFuCowboy.NFT
  • ShaolinDigital.NFT
  • ShaolinFilm.NFT

3 Parallel Lifestyles of Richard Del Connor

KungFuCowboy.NFT will create and mint:

  • American Zen (“America’s First Buddhist Rock Band™”)
  • Buddha Z (heavy metal Buddhist rap music)
  • Kung Fu Cowboy (classic rocker from 1960s)
  • Richard Del Connor (philosopher poet and novelist)
  • The Rich (rock bands of Richard Del Connor from 1970 to 1990)

ShaolinDigital.NFT will create and mint:

  • Photos by or of Richard Del Connor
  • Shaolin Communications products
  • Ads, commercials and music videos

ShaolinFilm.NFT will create and mint:

  • 35MM photo library of Richard Del Connor 1964 to 1999
  • Rocktography by The Coyote. 1984 to 1991
  • Pastoral and artistic photos by Richard Del Connor
  • Models, actresses, rock bands

Richard Del Connor is an artist. He was on the Regis Philbin Show when he was 10 years old.

Richard Del Connor has never “sold out.” Richard has refused to be a cover artist or play music by anyone else since 1976. Richard makes art in many mediums, but always for his own satisfaction first. Unlike most rock stars who don’t listen to their own music, Richard listens to his music daily and never tires of his songs. “I made this music for me,” he explains.

Each NFT is a photographic artwork by Richard Del Connor (sometimes using byline: The Coyote or The Hippy Coyote).

TOKENOMICS of ShaolinDigital.NFT


EACH NFT = Individual Photoshop file for editing.

24 variations of this Photoshop Photograph/Artwork:

  • 6 “Blue” variations. Each one unique. Not too radical.
  • 6 “Cool” variations. Each one unique. More artistic = “cool.”
  • 6 “Acid” variations. Each one unique. Super artistic = “far out man!” (Psychedelic)
  • 6 “Nice” variations. Each one unique. Maybe commercial…

So each artwork or photograph has 24 variations to enable me opportunities to experiment and improve my Photoshop artistry. I’m developing a new awareness of Photoshop techniques as I experiment on each Photoshop file to create a unique NFT.

NFT Quantities Minted:

Each batch of 24 variations of each NFT will be minted in various quantities for easy access or collectibles.

4 STYLE Variations

Blue – variation #1

This begins the entire NFT editing with a blue gradient.  If these are Black & White photos, this enables adding color and manipulating it in “Curves” and other layer tools in Photoshop.  

STARTING POINT for photography and art using Photoshop:

3,000 px wide at 300dpi = Starting Point for artistic editing of NFT.

The LEVELS layer may enhance the original photo before adding the other effects and another LEVELS layer.

Some NFTs are cropped to smaller sizes from this original 3,000 px width. 

Cool – variation #2

This is the second set of NFTs created.  After experimenting with the first 6 NFTs of the “Blue variation” the NFT editor has a familiarity that can enhance the NFTs for 6 “Cool” achievements.

Acid – variation #3

With some experimentation and color adjustments of the first two batches of NFTs the editor is prepared and primed to create something more artistic or far out.  Actually, I, Richard Del Connor, am probably the NFT editor for all of these.  So I confess, that I like to make these pictures LOOK like a REAL acid experience.  Not the DMT and other psychedelic enhancements.  The LSD-25.  I even had some “Blue Owsley” back in the sixties.  Probably a bunch by him, but one for sure.

My goal here is to satisfy my appreciation for the LSD experience and relive it a little.  Perhaps this is also a good warning for most people to NEVER DROP ACID.  It only works for those who are either ready for it or capable of the mental self-control that only 25% of the population may possess.

Nice – variation #4

After all that artistic expression and creativity—I can work on making a professional photo or something less spaced out.  I’ll make 6 of them “nice.”

NFT Distribution & Sales  (TOKENOMICS)

Blue 1 Auction1,000 NFTs0.01 ETH
Blue 2 Auction10,000 NFTs    0.001 ETH
Blue 3   TaiChiYouth.WALLET102 NFTs 2 HODL + 10 NFT year = 10 yrs
Blue 4BuddhaKungFu.CRYPTO102 NFTs2 HODL + 10 NFT year = 10 yrs
Blue 5ZhenShenLang.88812 SETS of all 242 HODL + 1 SET year = 10 years
Blue 6Auction100,000 NFTs0.0001 ETH
Cool 1 Auction1,000 NFTs0.01 ETH
Cool 2 Auction10,000 NFTs0.001 ETH
Cool 3   AmericanZen.WALLET102 NFTs2 HODL + 10 NFT year = 10 yrs
Cool 4ShaolinMusic.CRYPTO12 SETS of all 24 NFT2 HODL + 1 SET year = 10 years
Cool 5ShaolinPictures.CRYPTO13 NFTs3 HODL + 1 NFT year = 10 years
Cool 6Auction100,000 NFTs0.0001 ETH
Acid 1Auction1,000 NFTs0.01 ETH
Acid 2Auction10,000 NFTs0.001 ETH
Acid 3KungFuCowboy.NFT12 SETS of all 24 NFTs2 HODL + 1 SET year = 10 years
Acid 4ShaolinFilm.NFT12 SETS of all 24 NFTs2 HODL + 1 SET year = 10 years
Acid 5ShaolinRecords.CRYPTO12 SETS of all 24 NFTs2 HODL + 1 SET year = 10 years
Acid 6Auction100,000 NFTs0.0001 ETH
Nice 1Auction1,000 NFTs0.01 ETH
Nice 2Auction10,000 NFTs0.001 ETH
Nice 3ShaolinChiMantis.CRYPTO102 NFTs2 HODL + 10 NFT year = 10 yrs
Nice 4ShaolinCom.CRYPTO12 SETS of all 24 NFTs2 HODL + 1 SET year = 10 years
Nice 5ShaolinZen.CRYPTO13 NFTs3 HODL + 1 NFT YEAR = 10 yrs
Nice 6Auction100,000 NFTs0.0001 ETH

LEGEND for above terms:

100,000 NFTs = The value of the “Unlockable Content” exceeds purchase price?

10,000 NFTs = “Rock Opera Story Pieces” accessible to lower income collectors

1,000 NFTs = collectibles accessible to higher income collectors

102 NFTs = rare collectibles donation to organization

13 NFTs = ultra rare collectibles

12 SETS = extremely rare Entire 24-piece NFT SET for AUCTION HOUSE.

The above rollout of NFTs will create a prolonged desire and demand for the NFTs.  Some NFTs will be in LIBRARIES and not sold or resold despite their gain in value.  As assets they can be borrowed against but not liquidated or sold so that these NFTs create a foundation of financial value for the Kung Fu schools that were never subsidized or adequately funded during my lifetime.

NFT COLLECTIONS of Shaolin Digital


  • ARTIST: “Kung Fu Cowboy”
  • Music of American Zen and Kung Fu Cowboy = free?
  • NFTs-KFC-American Zen L1
  • NFTs-KFC-American Zen L2
  • NFTs-KFC-American Zen L3
  • NFTs-KFC-American Zen L4-P1
  • NFTs-KFC-American Zen L4-P2
  • NFTs-KFC-American Zen L5
  • NFTs-KFC-American Zen L6
  • NFTs-KFC-American Zen L7
  • NFTs-KFC-American Zen L8
  • NFTs-KFC-Artist-Juan Puga
  • NFTs-KFC-Bear the Cat
  • NFTs-KFC-Kung Fu Cowboy
  • NFTs-KFC-Second Chance


  • NFTs-SD-BZ-Buddha Kung Fu
  • NFTs-SD-BZ-Shaolin Chi Mantis
  • NFTs-SD-BZ-Tai Chi Beginner Book
  • NFTs-SD-Elementary School
  • NFTs-SD-Newfoundland
  • NFTs-SD-Philosopher Poet
  • NFTs-SD-RDC-Coyote In A Graveyard
  • NFTs-SD-RDC-Coyote in Grave NoHo
  • NFTs-SD-RDC-Injun
  • NFTs-SD-RDC-Shaolin Pictures
  • NFTs-SD-RDC-Shaolin Records
  • NFTs-SD-RDC-Streethearts
  • NFTs-SD-RDC-The Rich


  • NFTs-SF-Beach
  • NFTs-SF-Ice Show
  • NFTs-SF-Landscapes
  • NFTs-SF-Model-Elaine
  • NFTs-SF-Model-Gwen
  • NFTs-SF-Model-Jennifer
  • NFTs-SF-Model-Kathi Grace
  • NFTs-SF-Model-Sarah Maclay
  • NFTs-SF-Model-Various
  • NFTs-SF-My Kids
  • NFTs-SF-RDC-Caitlin O’Connor
  • NFTs-SF-RDC-Raquel
  • NFTs-SF-RDC-Rory O’Connor
  • NFTs-SF-Rocktography-Soundgarden
  • NFTs-SF-Rocktography-THC
  • NFTs-SF-Rocktography-Alice Cooper
  • NFTs-SF-Rocktography-Catswildd
  • NFTs-SF-Rocktography-Concrete Blonde
  • NFTs-SF-Rocktography-High Noon
  • NFTs-SF-Rocktography-Hoi Polloi
  • NFTs-SF-Rocktography-Human Drama
  • NFTs-SF-Rocktography-Keith Richards
  • NFTs-SF-Rocktography-Precious Metal
  • NFTs-SF-Rocktography-Rokkin Horse
  • NFTs-SF-Rocktography-She Rock
  • NFTs-SF-Rocktography-Steve Miller
  • NFTs-SF-Rocktography-Voivod
  • NFTs-SF-Rocktography-Killer Dwarfs


Visit www.ShaolinDigital.nft 

For updated information on the “Unlockable Content” of each BATCH of 24 NFT variations of each original photograph or artwork by Richard Del Connor.

Each BATCH of NFTs is a “PIECE” of the “Rock Opera Autobiography of Richard Del Connor.”  This GAMEBOARD Rock Opera consists of dozens of actual rock opera albums and associated books of poetry, sometimes a novel, and sometimes videos made at that time, plus video and audio podcasts starring Richard Del Connor in a variety of roles and identities.

“UNLOCKABLE” items LINK can include a ZIP FILE of several contents. These can include books, songs, music videos, podcasts and… These will be stored in Crypto WEBSITES that easily connect to your NFT. Download this NFT Owner compressed Zip file and the contents are yours.

WHERE to buy Shaolin Digital NFTs?


Wow!  I just “CLAIMED” the blockchain domain, ShaolinDigital.NFT.

This means that payments to Shaolin Digital for NFTs can be made to “ShaolinDigital.NFT” and I will set it up to accept Bitcoin, ETH, and DogeCoin.  If you want to send other types of coins to this ShaolinDigital.NFT address, let me know first so that I can make sure the blockchain domain will ACCEPT YOUR TOKEN PAYMENT.   This means that when you are supposed to PASTE in the wallet address of the recipient of your crypto coin, you now can instead: type in shaolindigital.nft

This is an expensive nickname for the same long string of numbers that represent my blockchain wallet address.  What’s nice is that this ONE ADDRESS will work for a BUNCH OF DIFFERENT COINS.

I like to use capital letters sometimes to make sure the reader is gaining knowledge by understanding the sentences better and being able to speed read and locate relevant information.


accepts transfers of:

  • Bitcoin
  • ETH
  • DogeCoin

NOTE: I’m writing this in October 2021 and my blockchain domains remain unclaimed for right now.

ONE DOMAIN Launched on my dad’s 100th birthday October 8, 2021 = ShaolinDigital.NFT.
Unfortunately I have to pay ETH Gas fees to add payment wallets and pay ETH Gas fees again to upload website…

But I’m excited to be ahead of every single person I know. This is the way it used to be…

HTML  & BLOCKCHAIN DOMAINS of Shaolin Communications

The following websites in the HTML world have lots of cool stuff and photos and stories.  The BLOCKCHAIN WEBSITES are going to begin production in 2022 and will be minimalistic and perhaps more commercially acceptable.  I tend to overwhelm everyone with more information than they are looking for.  

Website and Blockchain Domain PROJECT INFORMATION:

American Zen AmericanZen.orgAmericanZen.WALLET
Buddha Kung Fu BuddhaKungFu.comBuddhaKungFu.CRYPTO
Kung Fu Cowboy KungFuCowboy.comKungFuCowboy.CRYPTO
Shaolin Chi Mantis ShaolinChiMantis.comShaolinChiMantis.CRYPTO 
Shaolin Communications ShaolinCom.comShaolinCom.CRYPTO
Shaolin Digital
Shaolin Film ShaolinFilm.comShaolinFilm.NFT
Shaolin Music ShaolinMusic.comShaolinMusic.CRYPTO
Shaolin Pictures ShaolinPictures.comShaolinPictures.CRYPTO
Shaolin Records ShaolinRecords.comShaolinRecords.CRYPTO
Shaolin Zen ShaolinZen.orgShaolinZen.CRYPTO
Tai Chi Youth TaiChiYouth.orgTaiChiYouth.WALLET

ShaolinDigital.NFT  Royalties

Each ShaolinDigital.NFT NFT pays 10% Royalty to creators from NFT resales.

ShaolinDigital will distribute the 10% Royalty received as outlined here.

  •   1% Artist Royalty AmericanZen.WALLET, or Buddha Z…
  •   1% Music Publisher ShaolinMusic.CRYPTO
  •   1% Songwriter ZhenShenLang.888
  •   1% Master License ShaolinRecords.CRYPTO
  •   1% Photo Usage ShaolinFilm.NFT
  •   1% Video Usage ShaolinPictures.CRYPTO
  •   1% Book Publisher/Marketing ShaolinMusic.CRYPTO
  •   1% NFT Editor/Producer KungFuCowby.CRYPTO
  •   1% NFT Production Company KungFuCowboy.NFT or ShaolinDigital…
  •   1% Tax Deductible Donation AmericanZen.WALLET or TaiChiYouth…

10% = TOTAL Royalties paid to ShaolinDigital.NFT

Make payments to:
ShaolinDigital MetaMask:   0x1b9bd5ecd0fa7668c348e8165ff2c0d9e640d520

Kung Fu Cowboy Collection

Folk Rock, Classic Rock, Blues Rock, and Psychedelic Rock

Shaolin Digital Collection

Artworks, photography, graphics by Richard Del Connor / The Hippy Coyote…

Shaolin Film Collection

Photography of Richard Del Connor 1969 to 1999.

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