NFTs of Shaolin Communications

Each book of Shaolin Communications offers NFT artwork featuring the artwork, photography and graphics associated with each book. Check below to discover the amazing artworks you can collect, trade, share from our books, albums and movies.


4 Noble Truths Explained – Book 1 of 8

5 Souls of God – 1 of 3

12 Laws of Life

Coyote in a Graveyard NoHo

Evolution of a Shaolin Monk

Fistula of Fury

I’m Not Homeless – I’m Domestically Challenged

Kent State Murder Day

Kung Fu Cowboy Academy

Kung Fu Outlaws NFT Collection of 2,568 NFTs

Philosopher Poet in a Field of Dreams

Secret Gospel of Jamez

Sense of Justice

Supersoul 13 – Discovering the Soul of God

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