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Lancaster, California. Shaolin Digital. NEW WEBSITE:

is designed to offer FREE Shaolin Kung Fu from Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Kung Fu, Taoist Tai Chi Chuan and Confucian Strategy.

There are 5 FREE videos from the actual ONLINE KWOON of Shaolin Chi Mantis.

The five classes have a quiz between them. Students must pass the quiz to receive the next Kung Fu lesson. In the Shaolin Chi Mantis KWOON each video requires waiting one day to receive the next video. We are experimenting still. Some videos may require a two-day waiting period if we require an entire day of practicing some new moves or…

We would appreciate your feedback on this FREE website. This information may be helpful as we build the huge ONLINE KWOON at

Great Workout for the Corona Virus Lockdown

You can take these five Shaolin Kung Fu classes over and over and over again…

These five FREE classes may suffice most people for a couple months while they are locked up in their homes.

The Corona Virus ‘SOCIAL DISTANCING’ is another reason these classes are so cool. You can keep your distance from me, Zhen Shen-Lang, the instructor. Just joking. I like teaching students, but I am going to blast ahead to video over 350 classes to teach the entire BEGINNER PROGRAM of our Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Kung Fu, Taoist Tai Chi Chuan & Confucian Strategy school.

This has been a members only school since 1996 with no one allowed to join since then. Take this opportunity to see how a traditional Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu school is conducted. Bowing at the beginning and ends of each class is required.

One reason we posted these free videos was to provide illumination to an American people who do not have any opportunities to join a Shaolin Kung Fu school. There are only a few in Los Angeles and probably none wherever you are.

If you like these classes and want to LIVE THE SHAOLIN LIFESTYLE of peace, health and happiness: join our ONLINE KWOON at

These five beginner videos are also a way for you see what kind of physical shape you are in. How did you do? Could you keep up? How winded were you after the kicking?

I love Kung Fu! Especially Shaolin Kung Fu!


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