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Should I Delete my Patreon Account?

I just posted this question at my PATREON account:“Should I Delete My Patreon Account”

The reason I ask this question was because in three years no one wanted to donate to the Philosopher Poet or Buddha Z the Shaolin Kungfu Master. My ex-wife even donated a couple months to attract others… but no…

I wanted help publishing my poetry books, and releasing my album I recorded in my car, End of the Line by American Zen. But it seems the crowdfunding only works when you have a supportive family and supportive network of friends. For the last five years that I’ve been living with homeless people, I obviously was not around funding sources or people who could afford to pay for my classes or buy my books and records.

Mom and Dad Say “Give Up on Dreaming”

And my family still says that I’d be better off with a job and dreaming only and In my spare time. The fact is, when my stepfather died last year and didn’t include me in his Will so that I could remain homeless, I realized that I probably tried too hard to reconnect with my family over the last 50 years. I’m hoping that my online Kung Fu classes will finally support me, and I will no longer have any need for anyone’s help or support.

I’ve read all the promo and instructions on how to develop a crowd fund at the various websites like Patreon.com, GoFundMe.com… They ALL SAY to get your family to support you first! That’s always been my problem. My family tries to pull me back. They don’t want any of my businesses or enterprises to be successful. They really don’t care.

Other relatives? Same story. Wealthy Republicans who don’t believe in charity. “It’s MY money,” they keep telling me. They’ve all been bankrupt at least once… what happens to the “my money” then?

Millennial Support Groups

My kids are millennials and they have never spoken well of me to their friends? None of their friends have ever been friendly to me. None of them have ever read one of my books or listened to one of my albums.

I guess I understand. When I was 15 to 29 years old, I didn’t trust anyone over 30. I guess I just expect people to recognize me as one of the good guys. But what is a “good guy” to a millennial?

Am I Embarrassing Myself to Look for Sponsors?

After being homeless for six years and not receiving any visits or meals from family or fans… I accept that I am not popular. I’m an artist. I prefer to practice my guitar or flute alone. I write lots of poetry when I’m alone. I spend a lot of time working on my websites. I’m not a social guy.

When I was a teenager, the teen world was divided into two sections: “Soshes” for Sociable, and “Hippies” for the cool people. I wore my long hair as a badge of honor and hippie pride until 2018 when I was hospitalized at Martin Luther King Hospital. But with or without my long hair: millennials don’t appreciate or respect hippies.

I’m a man without a market. Who cares about a Shaolin Kung Fu master who rehabilitates people with Tai Chi Chuan while improving their life with Zen Buddhism and balancing their mind with Taoism as I recite poetry and perform my original songs on flute? Anyone?

So should I delete my Patreon accounts?

Here’s a link to the post at Patreon:

PATREON account: Buddha Z (Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan teacher)

PATREON account: Richard Del Connor “Philosopher Poet” (and Shaolin Flute…)

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