Shaolin Chi Mantis STUDENT DASHBOARD at ONLINE Kwoon

I’m still figuring this out… and I’m the Web Designer.

It’s evolving…

I’m starting out with the LifterLMS software which has a dashboard. Then I customized it. Then I used it.

But nobody else is signing up yet so I haven’t got any feedback from other students.

I want it to be easy. I think it is.

Tell me it’s easy!

I’m testing all the links and everything is working great!
So far my grade is 100%.
That’s typical actually. The courses are all designed with only a few exceptions to REQUIRE 100% to pass class.
You have to PASS the CLASS to receive the next class downloads and webpage.
You can retake the class over and over…
NEVER lie, cheat or commit fraud. Tell the truth.
Use the truth to improve your life.
Achievements? This may be something I have to pay more money for. There are lots of add-ons and cool things I will provide when we can afford them.
For the beginning launch in 2021 we have a QUIZ at the end of each Kung Fu class.
You pass the quiz to move on to the next Kung Fu class lesson.
That’s the way Shaolin Kung Fu was traditionally taught.
Disciples received what they earned.
Disciples had to be ready.
I am a “SCM White Sash” student. (I’m wearing a black sash in the photo.)
My COURSE is the “White Sash Belt Rank Level of Shaolin Chi Mantis.”
“SCM-WHITE SASH Belt Rank Level”
Here’s where you start your enrollment.
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