The SCM Course Page is Ready for FREE Kung Fu

Webpage: Courses
Purpose: Provide public with FREE Kung Fu = Sample of Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu

This page offers a view of the entire first semester at: This first semester is currently ONLY five classes or the first five videos of the actual ONLINE KWOON (school) at

Another purpose of the FREE Kung Fu website is to create a desire for traditional Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu training. Hopefully, some people will want to become Shaolin Kung Fu students.

If not, that’s still good. At least more people can discover the difference between Kung Fu and Karate. In Kung Fu we NEVER SPAR. In Karate they ALWAYS SPAR. If you want to be punched and kicked every class for the next fifty years you should join a Karate school.

If you are looking for a healthy lifestyle that is philosophical, spiritual, challenging, and healthy with NO SPARRING, you should consider Shaolin Chi Mantis. Since most other Kung Fu schools include Karate sparring and Karate rules and Karate lifestyle… I don’t know any current styles to recommend. I’ve met and hung out with a dozen of the monks who graduated at the Shaolin Temple in China… Well, it is just a Chinese government theme park. My expectations are too high.

So it looks like I’m going to have to SET THE STANDARD that I’m looking for. If your school promotes the same standards and spiritual lifestyle of Shaolin Chi Mantis CALL ME. Let me know. I want more people to have traditional Shaolin Kung Fu in their life–and no one is offering it… except me.


Please give me some feedback also. I’m new to this online school stuff. Let me know how you like the courses, the layout, the quizzes, the drip lesson method, and navigating the website… Talk to me.

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