The Daily Taoist 01: Buddha Zhen Begins

The Daily Taoist series begins with this EPISODE #1. Buddha Zhen is also Richard Del Connor, a record producer and founder of Shaolin Records and Shaolin Pictures. Richard has spent the last six years of homeless life as a Shaolin monk teaching traditional Northern Shaolin Kung Fu from the original Buddhist temple on Mr. Songshan in China. From 2013 to 2019 Buddha Zhen taught Yang Tai Chi Chuan and his Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Kung Fu, Taoist Tai Chi Chuan & Confucian Strategy at North hollywood Park. The public library there is where he published several books including the TAO OF TAOISM.

Click Link Below for EPISODE #1: The Daily Taoist 01

I’m experimenting. I’m not the social media expert I could be. I’ve been changing links and “embedding” above… The embedding isn’t working and… But the CAPTION: “FIRST EPISODE of…” is a working link. Weird.

Desire to Improve Humanity

Plus, everyone wants “VALUE” in their entertainment. That really frustrates me to hear as I sit in my canoe waving my American Zen CDs of that 8-LEVEL Buddhist journey… Perhaps I will update those record store pages at so that I’ve got a reason to post them here in my Shaolin Digital BLOG.

I figure this website BLOG will be a good place to PROMOTE and kind of ADVERTISE the webpages I’m building. This website is my portfolio as “Rich Connor Singing Webmaster.”

Rich Connor Singing Unpaid Webmaster

And these “Daily Taoist” blogs involve a lot of work!!! Yes three exclamation marks. I am still adjusting to this demand. It’s like having kids again. One video is several hours work for 10-minutes. So I should take some pride in these little masterpieces. I should…

But I’m still not in balance. I had considered this REPOSTING on this Shaolin Digital BLOG several months ago. It’s the end of May and I’m just getting started?

That’s why I’m in another of my quandaries… Is this too much work for me? Should I add this responsibility to my daily life? What is the reward for this effort? What is the value to my customer? Who is my customer? Will this make them happier or distracted or is this a boost to this website’s future??? Yes, three question marks.

Shaolin Digital is an Enterprise of Shaolin Communications

Okay. I’m obliged to honor my idea and perhaps improve my overall marketing.

I will post this and then ponder…

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