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The BLOG at is updated weekly with information about the SCM ONLINE KWOON and school activities and events. This website is being launched April 8, 2020 with blogs scheduled weekly.

Yeah. That means me, Rich Connor “Singing Webmaster” just got signed up for another non-paying job.

I’m in Covid-19 lockdown. Things weren’t going that good the last six years–I was homeless. But I kept teaching. I would’ve taught a lot more if I’d had more students or interest… My battle, my fight… was to keep teaching even three students for a few years. Then there were two students in 2018. Several other students didn’t show up that year. I had two surgeries but I kept trying to teach.

When I was in a lot of pain I could still teach sitting down. My pain was worse when standing, but doing Kung Fu lessened the pain until I stopped.

In 2018 I performed for some events in Hollywood and Chinatown and I was performing up to a dozen poetry and flute shows each month… But I couldn’t get anyone to sign up for classes. So I came up with this 18 FREE SCHOLARSHIPS for two years of classes.

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