I built this. Sheesh. I didn’t get paid. So I’m patting myself on the back.

This is my first ONE-page website. It was built with all the links being page anchors at different sections of the homepage. No blog didn’t bother me.

Online School LifterLMS Learning Management Software

But then, I decided to use the LifterLMS Learning Management System software which generates several new pages for the student including a “dashboard, courses, products…”

Not a Simple Website Anymore?

So now I had to recreate all the links in the menu and integrate the new links… I even decided to add a blog. I was so close to having a one-page website. It was intended as a FREE KUNG FU sample website. Just leave it there for people to enjoy. Maybe get some customers at the actual ONLINE Kwoon at

Five Free Kung Fu Classes for FUN

Here it is. A lot more than I was intending. I created QUIZZES that I think are really easy. The last of the five quizzes is real pushy to get the student to at least register as a student at the SCM ONLINE Kwoon, even if they don’t buy any classes.

Otherwise, I hope it is fun and beneficial.

Check it out:

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