First New WordPress Website is Launches October 2019

Studio City, California.  Shaolin Digital.  Rich Connor Singing Webmaster designs new website for Shaolin Communications.  Working from the Studio City Library and Butania Auto Repair; Rich designed the website for Buddha Z, a ‘heavy metal rapper’ on Shaolin Records.  The early music of Buddha Z sounded very angry since it was written for a NoHo rapper in 2015.  When Buddha Z recorded these songs–it was like rapper trying to sing to daycare kids… neutered.  Maybe it’s cool.  

Then Buddha Z recorded his spiritual rap song “4 Noble Truths of Buddha” for Shaolin Records.  They released it in China which received a lot of attention and listens… until the government? took it down?  The song “Kung Fu Cowboy” was doing well also on Chinese radio stations…  Shaolin Records says they haven’t received any royalties from China yet. The New York record distributor contracted to handle the ‘Chinese radio market’ for Shaolin Records is headed by _____________, of the company, _________________.  Maybe we will put his name and the company in later.  I’m not certain what legal actions to take…  The Kung Fu Cowboy will be loved in China — if we can find a distributor to work with Shaolin Records without running off with our royalties.

So Rich Connor decided to do something ‘new for him’ and make the HOME page of the website the BLOG page.  So this page will look different everytime we post a blog.  Buddha Z is about changing and improving… Check it out:  BUDDHA Z BLOG:

This really is the first time I’ve used a BLOG for the HOMEPAGE.  Ironically, the WordPress application was created to be a ‘Blog Application.’  They just started adding “plugins” to it and now you can make it look like any HTML website, plus it can be a shopping cart or learning management system if you add the right plugins to it.

Rich Connor Singing Webmaster (me… maybe next post will be 1st-person…) is going to post screenshots as he finishes the first TEN WORDPRESS WEBSITES as they are completed.  Then by ‘SHARING’ these blog posts on Facebook and Instagram… some marketing and promotion will be achieved.

The Buddha Z website is intended to be different from the Buddha Zhen website.  We will see.

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