Rich Connor on the Move

Shaolin Digital Jumps to Lancaster, California

Founder, Rich Connor, in flight.

Lancaster, California.  Shaolin Digital.  Shaolin Digital is setting up a new office in Lancaster, California.  Parent company Shaolin Communications has moved all enterprises here into a spacious 2-bedroom office-studio of Rich Connor.

Shaolin Digital is updating and upgrading since its last location.  Rich is setting up a bank of computers including the frustrating PC computer from TCY President, Oscar Barrera.  

Shaolin Digital will also be handling the digital editing for Shaolin Pictures.  Shaolin Pictures has been shooting dozens of Shaolin Kung Fu class videos for the past year.  These videos will be edited by Shaolin Digital for Shaolin Pictures shooting the programs of Shaolin Chi Mantis.  

The SCM ONLINE School will launch its first complete belt rank level in January 2020 on the SCM ONLINE School website at www.

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