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Shaolin Digital Needs New Apple Macintosh Computer

Much to our disappointment, the computer we had before moving to Lancaster… is not functioning.  This is a setback.  We are researching the problem.  Probably need a new computer.

When I left for Las Vegas, Christmas 2011, I was teaching a wonderful family of students.  The father and mother were both hardworking students.  Their son Nicky showed incredible potential.  His hobbies were horseback riding and Parkour… which impressed me, but I tried not to be supportive.Their daughter enjoyed the 12 Tantui.  The 12 Tantui are designed to teach the student how to generate maximum power.  Before leaving they gave me an old iBook MacIntosh laptop.

They Killed My Laptop

I took that laptop to the Apple Store in Pasadena to get the software updated.  They killed it.  They killed the laptop.  They said it crashed and they couldn’t reinstall the old because they couldn’t finish installing the new Apple software.

That was a weird situation to be in.  Do I say, “Thank you,” and go home with my busted computer?  I couldn’t give up.  I demanded the go, “Try it again!.”  They argued but I persisted.  Finally, they disappeared from the counter with my new, dead, laptop.

About two hours later I emerged from the Apple Store with my new updated 2003 laptop.  They said it would probably only run a few months more.  That was a couple months before Christmas.

Overworked Publishing Books in Las Vegas

Although I overloaded it when editing those 15 books and albums in 2012 causing it to go BLACK SCREEN CRASH… It was running last year in 2019.  But now?

Patreon Supporters Help Get New Computer?

Here’s the link.  Actually, I got two accounts several years ago.  One for Buddha Zhen to help me get my Kung Fu school out of the park and into a school… or home…

The other one is for me, Richard Del Connor the Philosopher Poet.  I’ve been hoping that Patreon donors might want to support a homeless poet who plays solo flute when he recites his original poetry.  This is probably the one I should get a computer from…

But maybe some of those supporters of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu will want to help this homeless Shaolin monk, Buddha Zhen, to have a home and produce Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan videos from his very first Shaolin Kung Fu school or temple…

Either way, all of my identities need a new computer.  Help!

Patreon FOR:  Richard Del Connor “Philosopher Poet”

Patreon FOR:  Buddha Z  “Spirit Wolf of Truth”

Waiting to Plug It In Again

I will try it again when I have a Mac formatted external hard drive I can copy it onto.