Perhaps it could be easier to get started?

This is the way the software is designed.

From the COURSES page you can see the Course CURRICULUM and the “FREE CLASS” button.

After the “Free Class” you have to REGISTER as a STUDENT to continue. But, unlike the 5 free classes at there is only one FREE Class here.

Online Payments

Currently, the REGISTRATION FEE is paid using the PayPal BUTTON connected to Shaolin Communications account at This is also for making payments.

The $988 tuition includes uniform, shirts, testing, book, and graduation fees. There are over 80 videos which end up costing about $3.75 each after deducting the merchandise. This is a small profit margin, but I’m a one-man monk operation… so my overhead is low. I’ve been teaching in parks while living in my car from 2012 to 2019, so I realize I need to raise my prices just for my image.

People Should Have Taken More Classes When I Lived at NoHo Park

It’s too bad people didn’t take advantage of my living at North Hollywood Park for six years. I used to brag to people, “Look at all those beautiful trees… Look at that park… that’s my back yard.”

It was legal for a couple years and had its perks. When the carnival would set up in the park, they were my backyard. At night, I enjoyed the dark and especially liked the first two years before they fixed the overhead lights. It was pretty dark and pretty spooky!

Advanced Tao with a Cat

My cat lived in my Tacoma truck with me from 2014 until 2019. Living homeless with a cat is difficult. A black cat is even more difficult. But all this intense survival heightened my awareness and balancing with the forces of Nature, “The Tao.”

The Zen of Buddha Zhen

Which brings YOU to your eventual question:

  • Why Buddha Zhen?
  • Why Shaolin Chi Mantis?

I remember when I didn’t know anything about Kung Fu. It took me years to figure it all out. I prefer students who are motivated to do well in Shaolin Chi Mantis. Forcing students to attend classes can create attitudes of resentment that poison the other students in the class. Challenge yourself and make a commitment to succeed. That kind of commitment is better than just forcing yourself to because you want to lose weight. is ONLINE KWOON of Shaolin Chi Mantis

Why Shaolin Chi Mantis KWOON? That is a group of answers: The Instructor (Shifu), The Curriculum, Teaching Method. I think my curriculum for this Shaolin Chi Mantis BEGINNER PROGRAM is the most comprehensive and tested martial arts curriculum for providing self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-discipline.

Choose Your Master Wisely?

How do you know you’ve found what you’re looking for when you’ve never found it before? That’s the hardest part. A student needs to choose a martial art school that’s convenient. But what if it’s not the STYLE he’s looking for. Or maybe she doesn’t want to spar every class. And get kicked and punched…

People may tell you it’s good for you. They may be wrong.

Why Buddha Zhen? There are other Shaolin monks doing Ted Talks and making videos. I made FOUR PROMO VIDEOS to fully introduce myself to you. Hopefully you can see something in me I can inspire in you. Hopefully you appreciate the nonviolent nature of our Kung Fu school. Hopefully you want to be smarter and learn some Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucian Strategy to make you more Zen.

If you feel good about being my student: Join Shaolin Chi Mantis for a couple years. I’m hoping to find students wanting to pursue Shaolin Kung Fu for the rest of their lives…

  • GRADUATE this first semester of SCM WHITE SASH to attain: SCM White Sash + 1 Green Stripe
  • One year to GRADUATE 2nd semester to attain: SCM White Sash + 2 Green Stripes
  • 3rd Semester has advanced kicking to attain: SCM White Sash + 3 Green Stripes
  • SCM White Sash + 3 Green Stripes is end of Shaolin Chi Mantis BEGINNER PROGRAM

Every Graduate of the Shaolin Chi Mantis BEGINNER PROGRAM knows more Kung Fu than Bruce Lee did.

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