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Buddha Zhen completes his preview of the book TAI CHI BEGINNER by reading the TABLE OF CONTENTS and elaborating on the topics.

Buddha Zhen Reads Student Manual TAI CHI BEGINNER

Buddha Zhen Reads 3rd of 3 Readings

“Seek Outside” is the theme of this first section of the TAI CHI BEGINNER book.

“A salute is a handshake,” reads Buddha Zhen. “In that handshake you have revealed a lot about…” he continues. Buddha Zhen explains and demonstrates traditional Chinese Kung Fu salutes.

“Keep about five inches of space between your knuckles and your chin,” states Buddha Z. He explains eight different symbolism embodied in a Kung Fu salute. “When we do it, you want it to mean something.”

Then Buddha Zhen elaborates on how each student will salute the judges in a tournament, or your Shifu when belt testing. “You same your name, your school and your instructor… Then you tell ’em what you’re gonna do.”

Practice your salute in front of a full-length mirror:
2. CHARACTER “Could you be a baby sitter?”
7. PERSONALITY “How you express your character.”
8. POWER “The combination of all above attributes.”

Page 5 is the last page read for these promotional videos.

Buddha Zhen explains the different types of Kung Fu and that Shaolin Chi Mantis is NORTHERN SHAOLIN KUNG FU. “Shaolin Antelope. That’s what we are.”

“Try to make it through this beginner program. See if you can get ONE Belt Rank Stripe in my school.” Buddha Zhen says he is not used to making challenges. He tries to make it more motivational and states, “Challenge yourself.”

The next video #4 will demonstrate the basic Kung Fu stances required to begin training.

—BOOK: Tai Chi Beginner
Author: Zhen Shen Lang, “Spirit Wolf of Truth,” (Buddha Zhen), Richard Del Connor
Orator: Read by Buddha Zhen
Book Version: Second Edition Published 1997
Publisher: Shaolin Communications
Available at:

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