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Lancaster, California. Shaolin Digital. Buddha Zhen hops atop a table at a park in Burbank, California to demonstrate the basic stances required to learn Shaolin Kung Fu and Yang Tai Chi Chuan.

Raising Consciousness… One table at a time..t was built to provide a FREE SAMPLE of traditional Buddhist Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. Shaolin Kung Fu is a “Way of Life.” There is no sparring. No one gets hurt or bruised…

Buddha Zhen firmly states that no student is allowed to spar at all at any time while a Shaolin Chi Mantis student. Because Shaolin Chi Mantis has no sparring, besides PUSH HANDS, there are no rules. All techniques and self-defense are taught for real life survival, not injuring Karate people in cages or boxing rings.

Buddha Zhen explains the difference between Japanese Karate stances and Chinese Kung Fu stances. He warns all potential students that they will have to QUIT any other martial arts school while attending Shaolin Chi Mantis classes. “You can only have one Kung Fu master at a time,” explains Buddha Zhen, realizing this is a bizarre concept to Americans who rebel against devotion and loyalty.

Buddha Z further explains that the ability to learn is enhanced by devotion and loyalty. Many students quickly show improved school grades. Shaolin Chi Mantis is a “Mind and Body” school requiring the book reading and solo testing to empower the student as the overcome these difficulties.

Buddha Zhen exclaims that PRIDE IS GOOD. He explains how this has proven to be a successful concept in all his schools.

—BOOK: Tai Chi Beginner
Author: Zhen Shen Lang, “Spirit Wolf of Truth,” (Buddha Zhen), Richard Del Connor
Orator: Read by Buddha Zhen
Book Version: Second Edition Published 1997
Publisher: Shaolin Communications
Available at:

—BLOG: Buddha Z (and Buddha Zhen DAILY TAOIST in 2020)

—OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Shaolin Chi Mantis

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