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Mirror .XYZ TCY Crowdfund

August 16, 2022 Today I launched the FIRST Tai Chi Youth CROWDFUND in Web3 with payments in ETH. If you don’t know what ETH or Web3 are you can still go to where we’ve been receiving donations the old-fashioned website way since 1999 using PayPal, credit cards and debit cards. Back to …

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SCM ‘Contact Form’ at ONLINE Kwoon

The SCM CONTACT FORM at may lose the contact form. You can check, You who is reading this. I’m not sure what will end up. I’m considering eliminating ALL CONTACT FORMS in all my websites. I never get useful connections, investors, clients, or students. All I get is SPAM. That’s it. Thousands of SPAM. …

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Blog at ONLINE Kwoon

The BLOG at is updated weekly with information about the SCM ONLINE KWOON and school activities and events. This website is being launched April 8, 2020 with blogs scheduled weekly. Yeah. That means me, Rich Connor “Singing Webmaster” just got signed up for another non-paying job. I’m in Covid-19 lockdown. Things weren’t going that …

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